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The Joyful Vagabond

Updated: May 17, 2021

Why the name? What does it mean? I've always kind have seen myself as some sort of traveler. Going place to place; transitions from one moment to another; one goal to the next. I don't have a set home, a guarantee of a roof, because life is full of a sort of uncertainness. It's also a dream of mine. To go places. Everywhere. So to me the name means so many things; life, transitions, and adventure. To take joy in life.

Jaymin and I decided to start this Blog thing because we both got tired of negativity and the pessimism of life. Life is hard but lack of good news, hope and encouragement makes it even more difficult. We wanted to create a safe place for people to gather who feel the same. It's based on Christian principles and we are not afraid to share it. But everyone is welcome.

As this is the first post and our first website there will be a lot of area's that will be changed over time; I can't speak for my partner, but I kinda don't know what I'm doing. LOL So suggestions from outside perspectives are very welcome. Testing the mechanic and looking for improvements. Feel free to post it all below.

There are a few conditions. As we are hoping for a positive and supportive community we are going to ask you guys to keep it positive. No bullies, no trolls, and try to stray away from upsetting topics.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" There is so much value to this quote. The world needs more people who are willing to live by it, because like hate and misery; love also spreads.


Jaymin - Artist/writer (Personal posts + my profile pic)

Me - Photographer/writer (Personal posts + website photo's)


Evie - Artist/writer (Personal post + Logo)

These will not be set in stone as we proceed


We plan to add more Bloggers and Artists in the future.

Have a wonderful Day!

- Kay

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