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Apr 21, 2021
In General Discussions
I know what its like being alone. Feeling unwanted and unseen. And everyone can feel lost at some point in their lives. The Forums are a candid place for anyone to reach out. I put an emphasis on CANDID. I ask for those here to not be afraid of honesty. In a world that loves its perfection, even if its fake, we forget sometimes that we are all human. We forget that we all go through stuff. Desperately clinging onto the notion that everything is right, when its not, is something deeply ingrained in us. But this never fixes the problem, in fact it probably slowly drags us into a greater misery. Of being alone, being the only one; trying to find the strength to fake it for one. more. day. You are not alone. But I'll go first.
You are not alone. content media
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